The Bloody Capital

18 August, 2010

Stirring the pot!

What a strange night. The weather was crap, but there was a big party.
The young Megan Jones dominated the LAN party, dampening the confidence of Martin, a local comic book nut with a scary ugly face.
A blonde haired young man wearing red was a clear sign of being up to no good, looking to score something at the party he didn’t find. He didn’t introduce himself.
Dr. Goat, a middle aged gentleman seemed to be polite and well kept, but spoke to the black silk bag he carried often in a fashion that was… a little out there.
Then came the Twins: Luciana and Lucia, A Lasombra Antitribu and a Toreador who spoke openly while introducing themselves to Prince Marcus Vitel.
Monica Black was Present, a princess, so to speak. She was pleasant at first to the Twins, but wholly ignored them after the Prince arrived.
They were tasked with finding a Sabbat Informant within the city. Martin was roped into helping them, and Dr. Goat followed out of curiosity. The young blonde boy followed at a distance, but didn’t speak up much beyond asking if they knew what their mark looked like.

As Megan attempted to depart, she was followed by a handful of hungry neonates pining for something unique.
Each of our aforementioned Kindred came to her aid, rescuing her from certain death…. before the twins offered her a ride home.
What started out as pleasant ended with feeding, leaving Megan alive, mostly unharmed, but violated and distrustful. She fled their presence a little over a block from her dorm.

2 Exp.



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